Salem Al-Futaisi Kumar

Chief Executive Officer of Emirate Global Investment Fund

As it is to the UAE’s, diversification is also central to Emirate Global Investment Fund’ ethos. Over the years, the Company has developed a strong portfolio of investments in a wide array of growth sectors – from real estate to manufacturing to healthcare, education and services.

Emirate Global Investment Fund is equipped with a sound blueprint to cushion itself from the impact of any financial and macro-economic scenario. With the Company’s horizontal and vertical diversification approach and its emphasis on broad-based growth, it has managed to overcome cyclical and unexpected challenges – speeding up the recovery time and overcoming the effects of downturns in the most efficient way.

Since inception Emirate Global Investment Fund has been a pioneer in the country’s manufacturing sector, which constitutes a significant portion of its total assets. The Company also has a strong presence in sectors like direct investments, building and construction materials, district cooling, information technology, food and contracting.

Helping those who request services from this company to assist in all areas of investment, the establishment of companies and the work of legal contracts and contracting with the guarantors and legal protection and rental of the company’s office and appointed a lawyer for the company if necessary and excellence in this company is that all the procedures are carried out in one place and help your company to come to Dubai

Salem Al-Futaisi Kumar
Chief Executive Officer